Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I Parent Three Children.

Do they understand that I care for and parent three children?

Not as in I'm crazy and think that my child is still alive but, I don't think that they understand that a part of my day, each and every day is spent caring for Alexander.

No, I don't change his diaper or feed him but I still worry about him. Sure, many things related to him can wait as they aren't as pressing as a current bumped knee but they're still (my) needs (for him). I still make decisions based on how it will affect his legacy? Even though he isn't here, it doesn't mean that his existence doesn't impact us and require our attention.

I know that you get it, but do they?


  1. I'd say most definitely not, but I think you already know that. ;-)

  2. I'd like to think that people do but I suspect that they don't. I tried to explain to my husband once that I still need a place in my life, time in day for G. I think that's why I still write a blog? Because that's my way of looking after her? I still feel her presence, a need for consideration and to be worried over even if that presence is, in truth, an absence.
    I hope it's of some comfort that we get it xo