Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hidden Opportunity?

How come it seems like all BLM's (every single one of you) live 5,000 miles from me.

No one lives close enough to make the trek for a cup of coffee... once a month... ever. I mean, that can't really be true so where is everyone? I've frequented local mom sites and have yet to find a SINGLE post about wanting to connect with others that have lost. Wanting to find someone for support for the long-term (read: forever).

I know that there are large scale support groups out there, but I'm looking for one or two gals to hang out with.

I wonder if non-BLM's feel like we'd just sit around and cry over pictures of our dead babies. Maybe we would sometimes but just once, I'd like to sit in a room with someone else and not have to think about what I said before I said it. To just know that they really, truly get it.

Besides, it feels really isolating. Like I'm the only one in the entire world with a dead baby.

I guess this could be a hidden opportunity?


  1. Well where are you? Any time I find another BLM close to where I live, I end up not connecting with her, or flat out not even liking her within our first few conversations. I love my blog moms though. I wish you all lived closer to me too.