Monday, 28 November 2011

Take, take, take.

Sometimes, I feel like all I do is take from this community. Such an embracing community. One that I never wanted to be a part of. Yet, I have been welcomed with open arms, supported, not judged. I have received so much.

In turn, I'm trying to "up my giving ante" by sharing about the "25 days of Giveaways" and Fran's beautiful giveaway(s) at Small Bird Studios.

If you're a BLM, please don't hesitate to participate. Although I can't speak for the Givers, I'm pretty sure that they love to do it. To do something in honor of their child(ren).

Know that participating is not taking.

It's Your contribution to Giving.

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  1. Your story is heartbreaking. Every baby loss story is. I just want to give you a big hug. We lost our daughter Leia Sky at 35 weeks. We are trying again and pray that when we have another daughter her middle name can be Leia. I really like your blog been reading for a while. Just thought I'd finally speak up. Please feel free visit mine