Friday, 15 April 2011

Fuck You Mom

I have a love/hate relationship with my mother. She thinks it's love, I think it's hate. I've tried a couple of times to let her in on the "hate" side of things but she'll hear nothing of it. We are close, like blood sisters close. Speaking of which, did you ever do that with your friends, prick your finger and exchange blood. Probably not a good idea anymore...

Back to the purpose of this post. So I have another blog, I have other kids. I use the other blog to update my family on how things are going with my "other life" (the one where I don't talk about Alexander and am happy all the time).

I added a "blog list" to my blog so that I could easily view other BLM's blogs (there's probably tons of other ways to do this but I'm not very technically minded). I get an email from my mother telling me that the blogs are "depressing" and "not appropriate" for my blog.

Three words for you... Fuck You Mom.

I didn't even waste my time informing her that maybe she could learn something from these blogs. Or better yet, suggest that if she didn't like what she saw, not to click on the fucking links. What an idiot. Thank god I'm adopted.

P.S. I feel so refreshed. I should have started this "other" blog a long time ago.


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  2. I am truly sorry for your loss. I am also sorry that your mom doesn't seem to understand.

    The BLM blogs don't exist to depress people. They are there so that the authors can express their feelings as they try to navigate through the process of grieving.

    I hope this blog helps you through this unfortunate journey. {Hugs}

  3. I stubbled upon your blog and had to comment on this post title - oh how I've said this to my Ma in my head, she just doesn't have a clue!
    I'm sorry that you have such a relationship with your mother, but I'm more sorry for the fact that your Alexander isn't in your arms.

    Be gentle and kind with yourself
    With love ~ Tess