Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Random Thoughts with Thanks

I'm not a really touchie-feelie kind of gal. I don't have a lot of people that I would call a close friend. Of the few I do have (thankfully, my husband is one of them), I can share my deepest darkest secrets. Thoughts that I won't even share with myself (if that makes sense).

I get such relief... release from writing out my feelings AND sharing them. Once I speak or write them to another person, they become real.  I was a bit worried about sharing my "is their humor in my loss" post but I thought, what's the worst that can happen? A troll comes along and tells me I'm a bad mother. That I didn't love my child. I know it's not true so I went and published it. I'm glad I did (thanks for reading and commenting).

Today I took the kids to playgroup. I met a support worker who came to talk to us about Aspergers/Autism. Sidenote: This was really interesting because the reason why I did some research last week, hence my latest Big Daddy reference was because there was a boy there that was different, unfortunately his mother wasn't there today. Anyways, I got talking to the support worker about adoption (her sister gave up a child), my brother (who is special in his own right) and loss, Alexander.

She asked me if I thought of him often, how I was handling things and if I had any support.

Support I told her was abundant. She was very surprised. She wanted to know how I found all of you. I couldn't really put my finger on how I found the first of "you" but I told her that once you find one, you find so many more...

Back to my last post. I knew that I could post it because I knew that none of you would judge me. You might not understand or share my feelings but you understand that we all think different things; sometimes "horrible" things and it doesn't make us bad people and/or mothers, it makes us human.

Thank you.


  1. Anybody who would dare to judge you for anything you say in this space is not your friend.

  2. We all do think differently and that is why I stumble across new BLM blogs in search of new ideas and new ways of thinking. There is no judgement in my writing, if I don't comment it is usually because I haven't a reference point to comment about - there hasn't been any humour in my grief to date, but that doesn't mean that I've not laughed my socks off in the past year! Have you come across Hyperbole and a half (.blogspot.com), totally un-BLM material but oh so funny.